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Ministry Details

Led By: Scott Clark

Meeting Time: Tuesdays @ 7pm

Location: Main Sanctuary


As a men's ministry our goal is to provide men a safe place to be honest and open about their opinions, values and struggles. While everyone is welcome, we are active in addressing anyone or anything that could put our bible-based, loving community at risk. We Sharpen, not Damage.

Ages: All Men 17+ Are Welcome.

How do you see the world around you?

Is it a clear and precise journey and you know exactly why you wake up every morning? Or is it a lonely and blurry road with way too many twists and turns? If you can relate to the second one, you are not alone!

God makes it clear in His word that we're not supposed to walk alone. And while a lot of churches may offer men's ministry, we're not your average Men's Group. God has called us to live life together as sons, fathers, husbands, brothers and men out in the world.

While true community can be scary it is a part of God's plan for His sons to live effective, powerful lives and we're all stronger and better prepared for our day to day while in community.

Men'sComm (short for men's community) is a group of guys that don't have it all figured out yet but know that, above all:

  1. We need Jesus, first and foremost...
  2. Jesus set the standard for discipleship, which we follow...
  3. As men, we were created, gifted and called to FIGHT!

Come journey and fight alongside us Tuesday at 7pm - see the calendar below for each week's details.

Have Questions?

Give me (Scott) a call at 813.270.3406. We hope to see you there!

We Believe Faith Expresses Itself In Action

A Local Church with a Global Mindset

We equip disciples that will make other disciples. The bible is clear from global missions to church planting to individual ministry, everyone needs the Gospel and we believe in exalting, equipping and engaging in order to help everyone do their part in accomplishing the Great Commission.

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