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Weekly Podcast - Listen & Subscribe

Every week Pastor Derek brings biblical, gospel-focused messages with a fresh approach that will keep you engaged and ready to apply when you get home. Each week you can find the most recent message here or you can subscribe on itunes or your favorite RSS reader below.

For messages beyond the past 40 weeks, please click either the android or itunes buttons to subscribe at those links.

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  • 23
  • Jun

Going Public  Logo
Going Public
  • 37:55
  • Going Public

The goal will be that anyone who is a Christian and hasn't been baptized, or is not a believer, will understand that every Christian needs to be baptized.

  • 16
  • Jun

Papapalooza Logo
  • 45:22
  • Papapalooza

We need to know the 3 speeds of life to win at life.

  • 9
  • Jun

Rooted Logo
  • 37:24
  • Rooted

We can have health and thriving lives deep in a relationship with Christ by participating in the Spiritual Discipline of Charity and how it is Growing God's Grace through Generosity.

  • 2
  • Jun

A Buried Blessing  Logo
A Buried Blessing
  • 37:06
  • A Buried Blessing

We are taking a look inward at what God has planeted in us and how God wants to shape us and grow us through the blessings and burden.

  • 26
  • May

Eldership  Logo
The Choosing of the Seven
  • 38:46
  • Eldership

find out how the Apostles and the people worked together for a solution that is a blueprint for how we organize and run the church today.

  • 19
  • May

I Am Jesus Logo
I Am the Vine
  • 44:07
  • I Am Jesus

Is there anything in your life that often prevents you from producing spiritual fruit? Do you ever fell disconnected from Jesus? We can answer these questions by staying connected to Jesus by doing what He says and loving like He loves.

  • 12
  • May

Mamapalooza Logo
Rebel Mom
  • 43:29
  • Mamapalooza

We explain how praying moms are rebels for God in a godless world. We also explain that it matters who prays and that God grants trampled ground.

  • 5
  • May

I AM Jesus Logo
I AM the Light of the World
  • 49:31
  • I AM Jesus

Have you had a time when Jesus helped you endure a hopeless situation. How did He reveal hope to you? Consider a time when Jesus has illumiinated guilt in your life and you addressed it with Him. As the Light of the World, Jesus reveals to us our guilt, God's grace, and our hope.

  • 28
  • Apr

I Am Jesus Logo
I Am the Good Spepherd
  • 41:29
  • I Am Jesus

As the Good Shepherd, Jesus guides, provides, corrects, and protects us.

  • 21
  • Apr

I Am Jesus Logo
I Am the Resurrection and the Life
  • 44:16
  • I Am Jesus

To the dead man, Jesus was life, to the prostiute He was a second chance. To the searching, He was the long-awaited answer. Who is jesus to you? Discover what it means when He says "I Am Jesus."

  • 14
  • Apr

Life Hacks Logo
  • 49:56
  • Life Hacks

Prayer is keeping company with God, and learning to pray is like learning to play chess... it won't happen overnight.

  • 7
  • Apr

Life Hacks Logo
  • 47:39
  • Life Hacks

James helps us see the truth we need to know-what is known and what is unknown in our lives; but he also gives us some very pratical hacks to apply these truths and live submitted lives unto to God.

  • 31
  • Mar

Life Hacks  Logo
Who is Wise?
  • 47:24
  • Life Hacks

We need to know where we should get our values and wisdom, and whose voice we should be listening to, to lead our lives.

  • 24
  • Mar

Life Hacks  Logo
When Tempted
  • 37:40
  • Life Hacks

James instructs us to do when we are tempted and how we can overcome temptation in our lives.

  • 17
  • Mar

Life Hacks  Logo
The Tongue
  • 45:21
  • Life Hacks

Once words leave your mouth they are uncontainable and uncontrollable. Let's dive in to James so we know how to controll the most powerful muscle in our body The Tongue.

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