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Here are our current classes!

Currently we are hosting an Introduction to Wesleyan Theology on Sunday mornings at 10AM. 
Small groups are always running and are a wonderful way to get to know your church family in an intimate setting. 
For more information you can contact our Discipleship Pastor, or speak with a Sunday morning Info Center volunteer. 

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Where does your faith begin? Where does it end? Alpha is a series of sessions exploring the Christian faith, typically run over eleven weeks. Each talk looks at a different question around faith and is…

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Intro to Theology Image

Intro to Theology

What is theology? If you break down the word it literally means, “the study of God”. This 8-week course will dive into theology as we look at it from the Wesleyan perspective. For the class we utilize…

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Intro to Bible Study Image

Intro to Bible Study

*The Core Four Classes rotate throughout the year, the next Intro to Bible Study class will begin in the month of January.     Ever open up the Bible and think to yourself, “Where do I start?”. In this…

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Biblical Finance Image

Biblical Finance

*The Core Four Classes rotate throughout the year, the next Biblical Finance class will begin in the month of April.  $5 at Starbucks $10 at Taco Bell $20 at the mall Bank account: -$3 This is a…

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We Believe Faith Expresses Itself In Action

A Local Church with a Global Mindset

We equip disciples that will make other disciples. The bible is clear from global missions to church planting to individual ministry, everyone needs the Gospel and we believe in exalting, equipping and engaging in order to help everyone do their part in accomplishing the Great Commission.

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